Who and when was Titanium discovered?
  1. Titanium was discovered in 1791. it wasn't used commercially until the 1950s.
  2. William Gregor discovered the titanium

What are the chemical formula, name and structure of compound?
TiO2 :Titanium Oxide
Describe how the bond formed:
A metal atom transfers its VALENCE electron to a non metal atom
because of its low ionization energy. The metal atom loses an electron
becoming a positive charged ion called a cation. The non metal atom gain
an electron becoming a negatively charged ion called an anion. The
opposite charges react forming an ionic bond.
metal atom: Ti
non metal atom: O

Properties of Titanium Dioxide:
-its high strength-to-weight ratio
-It is a strong metal with low density
-resistance to corrosion:
-soluble in concentrated (high melting):
-very reactive metal
-Titanium is one of the few elements that burns in pure nitrogen gas
(approximately 60% of the density of iron)
And abundant in nature.


How does the structure of compound or type of bond affects the property of material?
because TiO2 made of two different type of atoms, non-metal and metal the properties
will be hard and conductive, also it's will have low melting point because of the metal atom

How do properties of materials improve product design?
-its high strength-to-weight ratio, -It is a strong metal with low density:
make the airplane lighter and stronger, and that make it fly in a save way.
So the airplane doesn't attracted to magnets while it's flying.
-resistance to corrosion:
So the airplane stay for a long time.
-soluble in concentrated (high melting):
So the airplane form easy and fast.
-Titanium is one of the few elements that burns in pure nitrogen gas:
So the airplane doesn't burn fast.
And abundant in nature:
- The material will be available for using

Alkawthar & Haneen


What impact does the material have on society?
Titanium is usually used to make airplane aircraft. And airplane help the society because it's keep people attached.
What impact does the material have on the environment?
-Long time ago people were using wood to make airplane, but now they use Titanium instead and this save
a big number of trees.
- If all the people on the plant using titanium and through it away and not recycling it, there will be no more titanium in the earth.


what is the disadvantage and advantage of titanium?
It has the combined properties of being light and strong
It is corrosive resistant
It can withstand high temperatures

Expensive metal
Expensive extraction method (Kroll process)
Expensive to cast
You can't resized the bands again after you made it.